Free Reiki Box

The Daily Reiki Intentions Box is your opportunity to have your personal intentions receive Reiki energy on a daily basis.  This is similar to a prayer chain or energy share.  During my daily meditation I transmit Reiki energy to this box full of intentions (including my own personal intentions), with it acting as a focal point for Reiki to then infuse your intentions for the best possible outcome. Each person who has their name & intentions added to the box is included in my daily Reiki meditation practice every single day. The beautiful thing about a Reiki Box is that your intention(s) receive Reiki the day they are added, as well as every day thereafter, amplifying the Reiki energy infusing your intentions. I began this particular box in January of 2019 and it has space for intentions through the end of December 2034.

If you wish to change the intention in the future, simply email me with the original name/intentions and what the new name/intentions are that you would like instead. FREE purchase here.

You can ask for anything as an intention – improved health, a quality job, remembering to do self care, ability to focus on studies, happiness, world peace, a life partner, whatever it is you wish to bring more of into your life to improve your life, or things you want to diminish in your life such as bad habits. It is entirely up to you.