Crystal Light Therapy

About Crystal Light Therapy

What is a Crystal Light Bed? ~ simply described, clear quartz crystals have been embedded in orgonite, suspended from a walnut and bamboo bar, with colored lights that shine through. This bar is then suspended over a massage table, bed, or reclining chair, and aligned so each crystal matches up with our chakras.

What does it do? ~ Light therapy, orgonite, color therapy, and crystal healing, are directed to each of our major chakras. Those with a spiritual philosophy find that their angels and other celestial beings are present during sessions. These things working together provide a powerful effect encompassing our entire being, aiding in healing, restoration of our energetic balance, and relaxation, to name a few. Think of it as “meditation with extra benefits”!

Do I need to do anything special? ~ No, you simply lay down and relax while receiving the light therapy. Wearing comfortable clothing is recommended.

Can I receive both Reiki and Light therapy at the same time? ~ Yes! They are complimentary therapies that work well together and deepen the healing experience. I offer both healing modalities alone; or you can book a reiki session and choose to add on light therapy.

(coming soon – more in-depth material on color therapy, crystal therapy, orgon, and more)