Available Sessions

I am currently offering In-Person Healing sessions.   At this time face masks are optional.  With our sessions having an intention of a relaxing worry-free space, please let me know if you would prefer that I wear a mask.  I do keep a clean environment and am allowing extra time between clients.  For several reasons, I personally have received my covid vaccines.   If you are concerned about previous clients in the day, book the first session of the day.  This would generally be noon on Mondays, and 8:30am Tuesday through Friday. 

In person sessions typically last about an hour, and include time for conversation about your needs & expectations for your session, active reiki energy healing, and time at the end for continued relaxation or additional conversation.  (note, these are conducted fully clothed, typically with shoes removed – this is not massage.  Light touch may be used if the client is comfortable with that; or hands-free if not. Physical contact is not required for transmission of Reiki energy)

If this is your first session with me, plan on ten to fifteen additional minutes to fill out new client information. 

I include a complimentary satin eyemask with your initial visit.  (additional eyemasks are $15, assortment varies depending on what I have had time to make)


I look forward to working with you on your healing journey! Namaste! ~Deborah

Disclaimer: By purchasing a Reiki healing session from me, you are verifying that you are of 18 years of age or older; and that you are fully aware that Reiki is a healing modality that serves as a complimentary part of your overall wellness.  Reiki is not a replacement for medical care received from your doctor.  You should never stop your medical treatments or therapies without speaking with your doctor.  If you have a medical or mental health need, please seek the appropriate care from trained medical practitioners.  I am not a medical practitioner, and as such I do not diagnose medical conditions nor perform medical treatments.  Neither do I prescribe substances such as medicines, nor interfere with your doctor’s treatment plan.  You are also aware that this is a non-refundable item, so please ensure you wish to purchase before doing so.

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