Daily Reiki Intentions Box

The Daily Reiki Intentions Box is your opportunity to have your personal intentions receive Reiki energy on a daily basis. During my daily meditation I transmit Reiki energy to this box full of intentions (including my own personal intentions), with it acting as a focal point for Reiki to then infuse your intentions for the best possible outcome. Each person who has their name & intentions added to the box is included in my daily Reiki meditation practice every single day. The beautiful thing about a Reiki Box is that your intention(s) receive Reiki the day they are added, as well as every day thereafter. I began this particular box in January of 2019 and it has space for intentions through the end of December 2034.

This is a one time payment. If you wish to change the intention in the future, simply email me with the original name/intentions and what the new name/intentions are that you would like instead. You can purchase this here.

You can ask for anything as an intention – improved health, a quality job, remembering to do self care, ability to focus on studies, happiness, world peace, a life partner, whatever it is you wish to bring more of into your life to improve your life, or things you want to diminish in your life such as bad habits. It is entirely up to you.

Additionally, you can look forward to receiving a quarterly email newsletter. The newsletters will begin with the December 2021 edition.

Due to the limitations of my software, this is presented as a gift certificate for an appointment – it is not an appointment! Do save your email and/or print out the certificate, as it contains information about where to send your intention requests. :)

Kotodama – Word Spirit

This card “represents the power of sound and words for healing purposes or to effect change.”
The way we talk to ourselves affects our well-being. The words we receive from others has an impact upon us. The way we speak to people has an effect upon them. When you want to make a change, choose your words with purpose.
Sound in our environment affects us as well. Consciously choosing the sounds which surround you, to bring about a feeling or quality of thought, may be an interesting experiment.
When you are in a healing reiki session with me, if the sound is distracting or not relaxing, speak up. Each of us feels at ease in our own soundscape.

Free Weekly Distance Reiki Share healing circle

This is a pay-it-forward project I have going via Instagram. All are welcome to participate!

Held Saturday mornings, 6am your local time. Comment on the Friday reminder posts on Instagram or Facebook to be included in receiving &/or sending healing reiki energy to all who are participating.

Share with your friends too!


Kenyoku – removing negative energy

As we work on improving ourselves, and bettering our energy, it isn’t enough to simply want to. We have to take action. Adding in activities and practices that improve energy are a great start. Actually making it work likely will require changing the negative behaviors & habits you have, and spending less time around people who don’t support you being healthy. If you are looking for a boost of energy, a reiki session may be just the thing.

Makato – Love, tolerance, integrity, trust, compassion

“The Makato card represents Love”

What is love to you? Do you feel this is a healthy, growth oriented, view of love? Are there ways you can bring more love with you into the world around you? In English we use the word for many types of connections. As you move through your week, consider some connections more often referred to as Compassion, Integrity, Tolerance, and Trust. Book a session if you want help bringing more love energy into your heart.

“Love is the most powerful healer” – Knox&Wilson


Menkyo Kaiden – connection, movement, healing


Menkyo Kaiden “represents initiation and attunement”. This ongoing series is not about oracle messages, but rather seeds to inspire thought and reflection.
As each of us moves through life we go through initiations and develop connections with other people, with other living beings, with the world around us.
Collectively we are experiencing disconnection and division. Individually we have the choice to reach out and be connected. Re-learning how to develop friendships, work relationships, casual conversation with strangers, is likely to feel much like an initiation process for many people.
As you move through this, to a positive existence, make time to recharge yourself. Let your body and mind relax from the stressors in your life; allow healing to flow within you.
If you would like help getting that energy moving again, now is a great time to book a Reiki session.