Discounts! Save money! Treat yourself!

In light of the ongoing economic struggles, as well as our regional weather-related disasters, I've set up some savings deals for all of you.  Please don't hesitate to take advantage of these lower-cost options if you are struggling financially.  You will receive no judgment from me.  Your wellness matters! Firstly, there is a 60% off …

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Holiday Specials

2021 Holiday sale! 20% off gift certificates, unlimited uses, coupon code: HealthGift21 15% off Daily Reiki Intentions Box, one time purchase coupon code: ReikiBox21 20% off all Distance and In-Person Reiki healing sessions, one time use coupon code: HealthyMe21 coupon codes expire Dec. 31st, 2021

Preparing for a Distance Reiki session

Welcome! Perhaps you have already booked a distance session with me, or perhaps you are looking for more information on what the process looks like before you schedule your appointment. Either way, your health and wellness is the primary goal! What does a Distance Session look like? When you have a distance session, you will …

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