Mindful Music for Reiki Sessions, Meditation, and more

***Mindful Music***

The healing benefits of music continue to be discovered and understood more deeply. Many cultures have used music in conjunction with both healing and spiritual progress for centuries. The topic is much too vast to go into here. For our purposes here, we are utilizing music during Reiki treatment to add an additional layer of healing and support.

I have put together several music playlists on YouTube that focus on the chakras and the solfeggio frequencies. Traditionally each one correlates with specific areas. The tracks are of varying lengths, and I was able to locate guided meditations for a few of the playlists. The guided meditations are best used at some time other than during your treatment session.

I suggest sampling music ahead of time in case a particular track is not to your liking. It is more useful to be able to relax than to have a particular sort of music in your ears.  Each of the links will open in a new tab for your convenience.


The Chakras: these are our major energy centers, aligned along our spine from the base to the head, with the Root at the base and the Crown just above our head itself.  When they are open, energy moves freely within and through them.  When they are blocked, energy feels ‘stuck’ and congested.  Free-flowing balanced energy is associated with health and wellness.  Areas with overly active or under active energy indicate an imbalance, perhaps within our physical body, or within our mental focus, or spiritual connection.

Root – I Am. Energy, stability, comfort and safety. This is our foundation and feeling of groundedness, our security, our base of power. Focus on the Root if you find yourself resisting change, feeling fearful, being materialistic or greedy, feeling nervous or unwelcome, or having a sense of being adrift. Use the Root to pull in energy and manifest desires.

Sacral – I Feel. Sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, sociability, creativity. This is our connections and ability to embrace new experiences and accept other people. Focus on the Sacral if you find yourself overly attached to others, unemotional, or closed off to other people. Use the Sacral to increase your creativity and true-self expression.

Solar Plexus – I Do. Strength, personality, power, determination. This is our sense of control and our confidence in our lives. Focus on the Solar Plexus if you are being domineering, indecisive, aggressive, passive, or find yourself being timid. Use the Solar Plexus to increase your confidence, strength and motivation.

Heart – I Love. Acceptance, love, compassion, sincerity, integration. This is our ability to love. Focus on the Heart if you find yourself being selfish, overbearing, cold, distant, excessively affectionate, or cynical with others, if you have a low sense of self-worth or self-love. Use the Heart to increase empathy, kindness, healing, health, giving & receiving love.

Throat – I Talk. Communication, expression, creativity, inspiration. This is our ability to communicate and our self-expression. Focus on the Throat if you find yourself monopolizing conversation, speaking too much, keeping people at a distance, or alternatively, being shy, introverted and not speaking up. Use the Throat to increase effective communication and minimize one’s fears of judgment or rejection.

Third Eye – I See. Intuition, lucidity, meditation, trust, subconscious knowledge, sensory perception. This is our focus and ability to see the “big picture”. Focus on the Third Eye if you find yourself living in a fantasy world, caught up in excessive daydreaming, being overly imaginative, relying heavily on others to think & make decisions for you. Use the Third Eye to increase a broader vision and intuition, and one’s higher intellect.

Crown – I Understand. Knowledge, consciousness, fulfillment, spirituality. This is our spiritual connection, our sense of Purpose. Focus on the Crown if you are rigid in your thinking, not spiritually aware, intellectualize things too much, find yourself ignoring bodily needs, or over-focusing on spirituality. Use the Crown to connect with your soul, your higher self, the universe, the Divine.


Solfeggio Frequencies:

174Hz – relieving tension, pain and stress

285Hz – safety, energy & survival; cellular regeneration, healing of tissues & organs; rejuvenation

396Hz – liberating one from fear and guilt, anxiety, eliminating blockages

417Hz – facilitating change & undoing situations. Release negativity & all past trauma; energy cleansing

528Hz – miracles & transformations; improving clarity, peace and love; emotional release

639Hz – relationships & reconnecting; positive feelings; balance emotions

741Hz – getting solutions; expressing one’s self; problem-solving; healthy living

852Hz – returning one to a spiritual order, create harmony with you & the universe; directing the mind away from overthinking, intrusive thoughts, and negative thought patterns; improving inner strength

963Hz – creates room for oneness and unity; activation of pineal gland & crown chakra

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