Menkyo Kaiden – connection, movement, healing


Menkyo Kaiden “represents initiation and attunement”. This ongoing series is not about oracle messages, but rather seeds to inspire thought and reflection.
As each of us moves through life we go through initiations and develop connections with other people, with other living beings, with the world around us.
Collectively we are experiencing disconnection and division. Individually we have the choice to reach out and be connected. Re-learning how to develop friendships, work relationships, casual conversation with strangers, is likely to feel much like an initiation process for many people.
As you move through this, to a positive existence, make time to recharge yourself. Let your body and mind relax from the stressors in your life; allow healing to flow within you.
If you would like help getting that energy moving again, now is a great time to book a Reiki session.

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