Satin eyemasks for reiki, meditation, sleeping

When receiving reiki it can be helpful to have soft lighting. Eye masks are a great solution for brightly lit spaces, rooms whose lights are not dimmable, or for people who are extra sensitive to ambient light in a space.

I have been hand crafting satin brocade eye masks for well over a decade now.  Initially I just wanted a nice eyemask of my own for times when I wanted to sleep but my room was too bright. I was not happy with the quality or comfort of available eyemasks in the stores so I experimented until I found a style I liked.

While typically these are an item I would sell at a craft fair or other avenue, I have decided they would be an excellent addition to the studio!  Each new client will receive a complimentary eyemask at their first session.  The selection will vary depending on what I have had time to sew.  People can purchase additional eyemasks for $15 each.

I hope each of you enjoys your eyemask as much as I appreciate mine!

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