Session offering changes

In the past, I have offered a variety of sessions for my distance clients (everything from 15 minutes to 90 minutes! what was I thinking?), including a reduced-rate group session for low-income people.  This has made my appointment book truly chaotic. I have taken a hard look at my available time and resources; as well as what type of sessions people have chosen to book with me.  So in the interest of my sanity and schedule, I will be keeping it simple.  No more group distance sessions (fewer than 5 people booked one in the past year), no more confusing array of various amounts of times.

Instead, clients will be able to book in-person sessions (one hour).

I thought about not posting on the topic, but then I thought about the people who are just getting started in this field who may be trying to decide what to offer their clients.  It can be helpful to see what other people have found time-consuming or chaos-inducing.  Keep things simple, and remember “how can I make this easy” is an excellent question to ask yourself as an entrepreneur / small business owner.

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